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A Drywall is a dry lining used for constructing walls and ceilings in alternate to plasters. Dry wall construction is in trend as it dries up quickly as compared to plasters that take weeks to dry and also because it has a good fire-resistant characteristics. They are easy to install, are durable and is relatively easy to have its maintenance done.Executive Drywall is one of its own kind of Drywall Company in Edmonton.
In Drywall construction, an interior wall is applied in a dry form without the use of mortar which is used in contrast of the plaster and it dries up really soon after the application is finished. During Drywall construction material used are:

  • Gypsum Board Plywood
  • Fiber and Pulp Boards
  • Asbestos Cement Boards

How it’s done?

Firstly the large hard sheets are attached with the walls of the building in a way that there remains a free circulation of air behind the interior walls. Use the sheets as per the length of the wall to cover the surface properly. Electrical cables that run through the walls which can cause fire hazards are needed to be protected while doing the drywall construction. Cut the metal corner beads to the length of utility snips to work on the outside corners. Using different wide-knives, a thin bed of compound is laid down to give thin and evenly coated finishing.

How to repair a Drywall?

Drywalls are easy to install and easy to repair as well. If one is really concerned about strength, use paper tapes for all kind of repairs. At Executive Drywall we use lightweight and all-purpose drywall compounds. We repair all large and small defects by applying simple repairing techniques. If the damage is small we use peel and stick patch technique. The peel is aluminum screen covered by fiberglass mesh which is fixed to the small damage and a drywall compound is applied over the mesh with several coats in all. For creeping cracks a thin coat of compound is applied over the crack. After leveling the compound it is smoothed and then second coat is applied again to give it a finish. For large hole damage, a generous amount of construction adhesive is applied to the back of the board, backing boards are fastened on every side of the hole and then place a fiberglass mesh tape over the repair-panel seams. The corners are overlapped by the aluminum strips and then a smooth layer of compound is settled over the mesh. If you ever requires a Drywall Repair Service Edmonton, we are just a call away.
Drywall Construction is used to avoid delays because the interior walls dry late and once the drywalls are installed one can easy start the other construction work to give a finishing look to your home. Finished wallboards comes with variety of textures and colors so one does not need to do paint or any wallpaper installation. With respective to its quick drying nature, drywall construction is becoming common in residential buildings but one must know that the framing lumbers in which drywalls are mounted must be aligned straight and must have low moisture content so that the drywall remains stable for years.

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Best Drywall Company in Edmonton

Mike founded Executive Drywall in 2002.  He is passionate about travel, world experience and music.  Mike is an avid guitarist and songwriter.  On the weekends, Mike coaches his children's soccer team whom he has led to unrivaled success through hard training and team building.

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Maria is originally from El Salvador and she enjoys spending time with her four children. As a soccer fan, she is looking forward to the World Cup 2018.

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Miguel is back with Executive after being back in Mexico for personal reasons. He had been part of our team back in 2009/10. We are happy to have him back. His hobbies are soccer and poker.

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