Drywall innovation in Edmonton

The world is moving in a fast pace and so almost every industry has advanced to perform better. From the simple nail fixer to modeling the big pieces for sky scrapers, the construction company has also brought in the innovation that cuts the labor time, improves the productivity and even help with custom drywall work. . In our showroom you will find every innovative tool that will make your work efficient and up to the mark. From the small tools like knives, nails, hawks, and mud pans etc., we are also dealing in the latest drywall innovations in Edmonton like CO.ME Trowels, ezBoxPro, Simpson Strong-Tie, Barnaby Tools and Equipment, and all other advanced equipment.

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CO.ME Trowels

It is a new product is specially designed for drywall skim coating. It is light weight and available in different sizes. The sizes vary from 200x80, 240x100 and 280x120mm and are 0.6mm thick. It is a beautiful combination of wood and stainless steel. It has the high quality blades that are strong and flexible. These are Italian made trowels designed to help workers get clear walls with one time effort.


The tool helps in tracking the electrical boxes on the other side of the drywall and also protects the electrical boxes and wires from damage when replacing the old drywalls and installing the new one. It makes the work easy for electricians, drywall installers, insulators and builders and brings out more productivity with less money spent.

Simpson Strong-Tie

The brand has the new and improved auto-feed product line that help in attaching the drywall, Dens Glass and help in attaching the sheets with wood. The product line includes Angles, adjustable and standoff post bases, anchor bolt locators, anchor bolt stabilizer, and much more. All these tools can help in variety of work.

Barnaby Tools and Equipment

We have all the product range of Brandy Tools and Equipment available in our Edmonton store. We have the fine-line of skimming blades that are versatile drywall finishing blades in the industry. We also have other drywall accessories, fasteners and screws. All are perfect for easy drywall installation.


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