A team seeking perfection

Founded in 2002 in Edmonton, AB, Executive Drywall has always strived for excellence and quality.  Here are the men and women who form our team.

Mike Leclerc


Mike founded Executive Drywall in 2002. He is passionate about travel, world experience and music. Mike is an avid guitarist and songwriter. On the weekends, Mike coaches his children's soccer team whom he has led to unrivaled success through hard training and team building.

Maria Solano

Maria is originally from El Salvador and she enjoys spending time with her four children. As a soccer fan, she is looking forward to the World Cup 2018.

Jose Lopez Rivera

Jose has been with us since June 2015. His past-times include cleaning, watching movies and church.

Marcel Neagu

Marcel is originally from Moldova. He joined us in July 2014 and his hobbies include fishing, cars and hanging out with his family.

Miguel Rivera

Miguel is back with Executive after being back in Mexico for personal reasons. He had been part of our team back in 2009/10. We are happy to have him back. His hobbies are soccer and poker.

Dominico Villanueva

Dominico has just come to Edmonton from Mexico for the first time. He looks forward to establishing himself here and bringing his family to join him. He loves to run and stay in shape.