Drywall Taping Sherwood Park

If drywall taping and the coating are done right, the homeowners will have the ever smooth drywall joints. The Canadian homes are made in such a way that you surely need to have the drywall so that the odd wiring and piping hides behind the drywall and the focal view gives you tempting feelings. Drywalls are easy to install but still, it is not a quick exercise. You need to be very careful at every single point so that there is no bump in the smoothness of the wall. If there is any it is the easiest way for the drywall to leave its place too soon. Among the many reasons, the bump can come when the taping is not done right. Well, Drywall Taping Sherwood Park is always there to give you the 100% satisfactory drywall installation in any part of your home.

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We won’t let you know where the tape is hiding

Tapered drywall joints have the edges that need to be treated professionally so it doesn’t give a clumsy look. To get it to fix we use the high-quality compound mixture that fills all the wide gaps. By the time it dries off, becomes hard, and does not shrink. The regular drywall compound shrinks and takes days to dry off. As the compound dries quickly, so it needs to be applied quickly. But make sure it is evenly applied. Well, that is not the job of any non-professional drywall installer but yes of course Drywall Taping St Albert will give you the professional drywall installation and taping services.

Drywall Taping St Albert

Like every other drywall taping company, we have our unique tapping procedure. We first fill out all the wide gaps with the setting compound and gives the drywall a bit smooth surface. Then put on the tape before the compound gets dry. Meanwhile, we press the knife hard all over the tape from top to down. So that no air bubble is left. We evenly apply the compound over the tape and the wall that it does not feel like the tape is not embedded under the compound completely. Our professionals will never do one side job. They will carefully watch every corner and the taping surface that it is evenly covered with under the compound. Our workers will even fill the corner beads pocket on outside corners so that no surfaces are left untouched that might look odd later.

Our fully equipped drywall taping professionals

You will never find our professionals at your home without being fully prepared. They will have all the necessary tools to make your home project done right on time. Besides the useful drywall installation tools, they will have the proper high-quality taping tools that include mud pan, taping knife, and the utility knife.


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