Drywall Showroom in Edmonton

Every building project starts with the foundation, and home is no exception. If you are thinking to renovate your home or looking to repair the walls and ceilings, think of installing the drywall for changing the whole interior of your home. In our Drywall showroom in Edmonton, we have all the types that you would love to install in your interiors. We deal in drywall that are:

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Mold and Moisture Resistant

These types of drywall panels are paperless and specific coating that does not allow the moisture to stay on the material and deters the mold from growing. It is an excellent choice for humid places bathrooms, kitchens, or laundry rooms.

Fire Resistant

These drywall contain glass fiber and other materials that does not catches the flame as they are fire resistant. It is best for your home interiors as they keep your house safe from the fire destructions.

Backer Board

They are also known as cement board as they are made of thin layer of concrete with fiberglass mesh. They are moisture resistant and are best for the use in bathrooms, kitchens, laundry rooms, or the indoor pool sites.
We also deal with all the drywall tools used for installation. From drywall knives used to spread the joint compound to help you move the drywall panels, we have all the right tools that will help you install the drywall yourself. We also have the drywall patches and repair kits available in our showroom. The kit will help you easily repair the holes, dents, and dings in the ceilings and walls. These kits are all in one solution that includes the patch, spackling compound, putty knives, and everything that you need to make an easy repair or installation of any type of the drywall.
Other than that we have every drywall material that completes the look of your interior. The Corner Beads help creating the outside of the drywall giving it the complete finish. We also have Drywall Framing, Drywall Joint Compound, and Drywall Tape that seals the joints in drywall sheets.