Pro Drywall Taping and Texturing in Edmonton

With the advancement in architecture, architects prefer drywall more than the usual brick walls and the popularity is growing gradually. It comes with variety but only the professional knows that which one will fit for your home or office. Drywalls are easy to install but the installation isn’t complete until the drywalls seems to have the proper finish between the sheets with the help of tape and joint compounds. Once the drywall looks like a clean plaster wall, one can do the texture on it to give a life to your rooms. Executive Drywall are the pro Drywall Taping and Texture in Edmonton.

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How the Taping and Texturing is done?

A powdered mixture is mixed with water in a bucket. The mixture is mixed till the mixture is in smooth form and is stiff enough that it spreads on the drywall smoothly and stays on the wall. With this mixture then tape the seams for finish coats. One can use the all-purpose joint compounds to give the finish look as well as to give the texture when mixed with different colors.
Special knives are used to spread the mixture on the drywalls smoothly. The knives with the mixtures are moved up and down to give the smooth look and to avoid leaving voids. Then the seam is covered with a mesh tape. Dab on the tape nicely so that excess mud is removed and then again spread the coat of mud over it. Tape the inside corners of drywall with the tape and then fix it with the nails or screws after that coat the edges with the layers of mixtures. Repeat the process once the last coating is dried.
After the second layer is applied one can make the textures using different knives making the swirls, Spanish knife knock-down or any pattern that you would like. Once the textured layer is dried the pro sandpaper is used to remove the sharp edges and then a premier is applied on the wall before a painting is done. At Executive Drywall we use high quality different texturing materials made by our professionals by using mud, paints and special substances that give the smooth textures to the drywall.


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